Meet the Team: Randy Lindorfer


Randy Lindorfer started in Printing Services as a Prepress Operator nearly 40 years ago. He began in the “analog printing” era making plates for offset presses and creating physical proofs. As Prepress Supervisor in the early 1990s, Randy helped lead the department into the digital age by installing computerized systems and more efficient equipment. His innovative spirit continues to this day, consistently striving to employ the latest technologies that improve quality and provide more cost-effective solutions.

In essence, the Prepress Department is the gatekeeper of Printing Services. When your file is submitted, Randy and his team are the first to ensure it is printed correctly. They double-check your fonts and images, verify your page count and sizing, and generate both digital and printed proofs. If there are any concerns with the construction of files or with the potential print quality, Prepress works diligently to address these challenges before going to press.

Virtually every printed project makes its way through Randy’s department. From the University’s Gopher Guide to Student Orientation and Commencement materials, his influence on quality is evident throughout the University’s most high-profile communications. Randy’s intimate work with Intercollegiate Athletics has even led to the in-house development and ongoing production of complex season ticket packages for Gopher sporting events.

“Printing season tickets is complex,” Randy says. “It involves merging data with the artwork, and certain tickets need to be bundled together in unique ways. We work closely with Addressing & Mailing Services to ensure the correct ticket packages are mailed to the right households—often under very tight time constraints.”

When not working to provide the University with high quality printing, Randy makes like a true Minnesotan and heads north to his cabin for the weekend. There he enjoys fishing on many of the state’s 10,000 lakes and biking on its hundreds of miles of paths. It might just be the mosquitos, but once the weekend is over, he never has trouble making his way back to Printing Services.

“It’s been a great place to be for the last 40 years,” Randy says. “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here.”