Meet the Team: Randy Lindorfer


Randy Lindorfer started in Printing Services as a Prepress Operator nearly 40 years ago. He began in the “analog printing” era making plates for offset presses and creating physical proofs. As Prepress Supervisor in the early 1990s, Randy helped lead the department into the digital age by installing computerized systems and more efficient equipment. His innovative spirit continues to this day, consistently striving to employ the latest technologies that improve quality and provide more cost-effective solutions.

In essence, the Prepress Department is the gatekeeper of Printing Services. When your file is submitted, Randy and his team are the first to ensure it is printed correctly. They double-check your fonts and images, verify your page count and sizing, and generate both digital and printed proofs. If there are any concerns with the construction of files or with the potential print quality, Prepress works diligently to address these challenges before going to press.

Virtually every printed project makes its way through Randy’s department. From the University’s Gopher Guide to Student Orientation and Commencement materials, his influence on quality is evident throughout the University’s most high-profile communications. Randy’s intimate work with Intercollegiate Athletics has even led to the in-house development and ongoing production of complex season ticket packages for Gopher sporting events.

“Printing season tickets is complex,” Randy says. “It involves merging data with the artwork, and certain tickets need to be bundled together in unique ways. We work closely with Addressing & Mailing Services to ensure the correct ticket packages are mailed to the right households—often under very tight time constraints.”

When not working to provide the University with high quality printing, Randy makes like a true Minnesotan and heads north to his cabin for the weekend. There he enjoys fishing on many of the state’s 10,000 lakes and biking on its hundreds of miles of paths. It might just be the mosquitos, but once the weekend is over, he never has trouble making his way back to Printing Services.

“It’s been a great place to be for the last 40 years,” Randy says. “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here.”

High-Five: Printing Services Lands 5 Maroon Awards

Maroon & Gold Awards
Each year, creatives and communicators from across the University of Minnesota dig through the past year’s archives and submit their best work to the Communicators Forum’s Maroon & Gold Awards. Presented at the Communicators Forum Annual Conference, the Maroon & Gold Awards recognize forum members whose work exemplifies the University’s core values.

At this year’s conference, Printing Services walked away with a total of five Maroon Awards—entries deemed by the judges to be of exceptional merit. Printing Services acted as key partner on the majority of the award-winning projects, partnering with departments to provide a wide range of creative services. From designing interactive web sites to implementing augmented reality into admissions materials, the awards show that Printing Services has moved beyond the confines of a typical print shop.

Check out our list of awards below and congratulations to all the Maroon & Gold winners!

Law School Viewbook

Law School Viewbook

Award Type: Maroon
Award Winner: Law School Office of Admissions
Award Category: Design, Multi-Page Print
Printing Services Role: Publication Design, Video Production, Augmented Reality, Printing
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Judge’s Comments:

“They did a good job telling me what they wanted, and it’s a good way to encourage a person to come to Minnesota.”

Goldy Ipsum Preview

Goldy Ipsum

Award Type: Maroon
Award Category: Writing, Innovator
Award Winner: Printing Services
Printing Services Role: Conception, Writing, Web Design & Development, Implementation
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Judge’s Comments:

“This is super fun, super creative and it made me laugh out loud. I even shared it with all of my designers. Very innovative.”

Big 10 CIC Webpage Preview

Big 10 Admissions Conference Website

Award Type: Maroon
Award Category: Design, Web Page
Award Winner: Office of Admissions
Printing Services Role: Photography, Web Design
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It All Adds Up Preview

It All Adds Up Website

Award Type: Maroon
Award Category: Interactive, Website
Award Winner: Sustainability Office, Facilities Management
Printing Services Role: User Interface Design, Front-end Web Development
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Judge’s Comments:

“It feels elegant and simple and is tied to the University aesthetic while having a voice all on its own.”

PTS Pocket Map

Pocket Transportation Guide

Award Type: Maroon
Award Category: Design, Poster
Award Winner: Parking & Transportation Services
Printing Services Role: Graphic Design, Printing

Printing Services Receives 6 Stars of Excellence Awards

PIM Star of Excellence Best in Category Award

Printing Services recently received a total of six awards from Printing Industry Midwest (PIM)—the region’s trade association for the printing, communication and graphic arts industry.

PIM’s Star of Excellence Awards recognize those responsible for the creation and production of print communications in the Midwest. The competition extended across a five-state area to promote excellence and recognize companies who produce the best in print media.

“We are honored to have our work recognized among printers from throughout the Midwest,” Shawn Welch, Manager of Printing Services says. “These six awards represent our commitment to producing the highest quality of work for our clients at the University of Minnesota.”

Printing Services received Best in Category and Best of Division awards for the Law School Viewbook, two Certificate of Merit awards for Printing Services’ Interactive Calendar, and two Certificate of Merit awards for the U of M Admissions Folder and Commemorative Ryder Cup Poster.

Read about a few of the notable awards below and what innovations Printing Services undertook to make these print materials award-worthy.

Best in Category – Specialty Innovation Awards

Best of Division – Service Catalogs (4 or more colors)
Law School Viewbook
Law School Viewbook

What made it award-worthy?

The most innovative aspect of The Law School Viewbook was its use of Augmented Reality. In addition to being an exceptional printed piece with information for potential students, it contained 3 pages a person could scan with their smartphone. Once scanned the page came to life with a video message from the Law School dean, interviews with Law School staff, and links to the Law School’s website for more information and videos. The Viewbook successfully merged traditional print media with new technology, leading to a multi-media experience not generally associated with print.

Certificate of Merit – Customized/Personalized/Variable-Data Printing

Certificate of Merit – Specialty Innovation Awards
Printing Services Calendar
2017 Printing Services Calendar

What made it award-worthy?

Printing Services utilized a variety of techniques on their promotional calendar to make it distinct among other printed pieces. First, staff and faculty at the University of Minnesota received an online invitation to choose which unique photos of campus sculpture they would like to be printed on their personalized calendar. The calendars were then sent free of charge and recipients were encouraged to scan the calendar using their smartphones.

Once scanned, people were presented with a variety of interactive options. Options included an interactive map displaying where to find public sculpture on campus, an online quiz and an animated video explaining the concepts of Augmented Reality. One of the most engaging elements was a photo booth option. The photo booth encouraged people to use one of four University-branded backdrop options framed around the screen and to use them to take photos and share them with their friends and co-workers.

By utilizing Augmented Reality, animation, and personalized data, Printing Services’ calendar successfully showcased the myriad of options available to increase the versatility of the printed piece.