Augmented Reality as a Communications Tool

Shawn describes the three most common types of augmented reality, shares both University and non-University examples of AR, and discusses how augmented reality opens new doors for communicating the University’s important messages.

High-Five: Printing Services Lands 5 Maroon Awards

Maroon & Gold Awards
Each year, creatives and communicators from across the University of Minnesota dig through the past year’s archives and submit their best work to the Communicators Forum’s Maroon & Gold Awards. Presented at the Communicators Forum Annual Conference, the Maroon & Gold Awards recognize forum members whose work exemplifies the University’s core values.

At this year’s conference, Printing Services walked away with a total of five Maroon Awards—entries deemed by the judges to be of exceptional merit. Printing Services acted as key partner on the majority of the award-winning projects, partnering with departments to provide a wide range of creative services. From designing interactive web sites to implementing augmented reality into admissions materials, the awards show that Printing Services has moved beyond the confines of a typical print shop.

Check out our list of awards below and congratulations to all the Maroon & Gold winners!

Law School Viewbook

Law School Viewbook

Award Type: Maroon
Award Winner: Law School Office of Admissions
Award Category: Design, Multi-Page Print
Printing Services Role: Publication Design, Video Production, Augmented Reality, Printing
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Judge’s Comments:

“They did a good job telling me what they wanted, and it’s a good way to encourage a person to come to Minnesota.”

Goldy Ipsum Preview

Goldy Ipsum

Award Type: Maroon
Award Category: Writing, Innovator
Award Winner: Printing Services
Printing Services Role: Conception, Writing, Web Design & Development, Implementation
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Judge’s Comments:

“This is super fun, super creative and it made me laugh out loud. I even shared it with all of my designers. Very innovative.”

Big 10 CIC Webpage Preview

Big 10 Admissions Conference Website

Award Type: Maroon
Award Category: Design, Web Page
Award Winner: Office of Admissions
Printing Services Role: Photography, Web Design
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It All Adds Up Preview

It All Adds Up Website

Award Type: Maroon
Award Category: Interactive, Website
Award Winner: Sustainability Office, Facilities Management
Printing Services Role: User Interface Design, Front-end Web Development
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Judge’s Comments:

“It feels elegant and simple and is tied to the University aesthetic while having a voice all on its own.”

PTS Pocket Map

Pocket Transportation Guide

Award Type: Maroon
Award Category: Design, Poster
Award Winner: Parking & Transportation Services
Printing Services Role: Graphic Design, Printing